Robot Arm

3D Modelling

January 16, 2017

Following some client’s needs, I’ve used 3DS Max to model a 3-fingered robot arm which will be used to pick and sort bolts.

I’ve started the model by placing a plane and, by extruding it’s sides, I’ve created the base. I used the bridge tool to fill the gap between two edges. I’ve then placed some cylinders to create the rotating base for the arm. In the end, I’ve used two boxes to make the arm, and I’ve made the fingers by making the shape on a plane using the cut tool and finally extruding the plane. I also linked all the different parts of the arm with the “select and link” tool for animation purposes.

The client also required the logo to be placed on the model. I’ve decided to place it on the base. By unwrapping the model, I’ve used the UV editor in 3DS Max to export the UV and I’ve placed the logo by using Photoshop. I then applied the texture by using the Materials Editor in 3DS Max. Finally, I’ve placed two lights onto the scene and created a table, a bolt and a box. By using keyframe animation, I’ve animated the robot picking up a bolt and placing it into a box.