Road Safety (animation)

3D Modelling
Video editing

April 07, 2017

Animation created in 3DS Max and later edited in Premiere Pro.

As part of my computing course, I’ve been provided with the task of creating a short video on how to safely cross a road.

I’ve started by creating a simple road with a footpath, and I then imported my previously modelled vehicles. I also downloaded a character from Adobe Mixamo to use as the main character of my video. To animate all the assets on my scene, I used key frames in 3DS Max with auto key enabled, thus making me set an initial and final point for each asset I wanted to animate without worrying about the frames in between. I later decided to create a second scene showing the character looking in both directions before crossing the road.

Finally, I rendered the two scenes. To do this, I had to render the sequence of frames composing the two scenes. This is because ① if 3DS Max was to crash, I could’ve simply started rendering from the last frame and not from frame 0 ② because I actually had the first scene split into four parts: 1st part with the red light, 2nd part with the green light, 3rd part with no light at all and 4th part with the red light again.

In the end, I imported the frames into Premiere Pro which converted all the frames into a single video for me, and I also added some text.