Land Rover Defender 110

3D Modelling

December 14, 2016

3D Model made using 3DS Max and textured with Photoshop.​

As I did with the Seat, I started off by placing a plane and then, using the blueprint as a guideline, I extruded the sides of the plane. I manipulated the vertices to create all the shapes (handles, windows), and swift loops to get sharper curves.

In order to texture my model, I had to generate a UV template. I’ve done this by using the UV Editor in 3DS Max. I made the sides, the front and the back of the car larger so I could have added more details to them. On the other hand, the top and the bottom parts of the car were not as important to texture.​

To texture, I’ve used Adobe Photoshop. I used resources from the internet and a very limited set of colours (gray, red and brown) to recreate what I thought were the conditions of a car in Ethiopia. In the end, I exported the texture as a JPEG, and then I applied it as a material to the body of the car in 3DS Max.